This equipment is a new type of jelly filling and sealing machine developed specifically for the production of dual or multi color jelly products. It has the characteristics of good refrigeration effect, high production efficiency, and beautiful product packaging.

Specially used for filling and sealing polyethylene plastic blow bottles, suitable for large-scale production of liquids such as dairy products, fruit juice drinks, and absorbable jelly.

1. This machine is a self-supporting bag capping machine and cooling line equipment. 2. The cooling line can meet the requirements of high-temperature products at 90 ° C for about 20 minutes, cooling to below 22 ° C, and directly entering the cold storage refrigeration process. 3. The cooling line condenser is equipped with the "Carrier" brand, and the water soluble line is equipped with stainless steel pressure mesh to effectively prevent the product from floating.

The machine is especially suitable for sealing the polyethylene plastic soft bottle with small. It is fit for all kind of beverage, yoghurt and liquid package with less viscosity. The machine used the pinpoint so that the filling set is one and correct. The filling is piston style, can be adjusted the capacity. It will be without dripping and air bubble. The electric and pneumatic parts used foreign brand and the material of body used stainless steel, the structure is reasonable and accords with the sanitary standard.

This machine use pasteurization process. Be used for sterilization treatment after jelly and yoghurt etc after the flling and sealing process. Machine using SUS304 material manufactur,It can be for CDF and CFG etc series production line Use together.Achieve efficient, safe, and hygienic production purposes . Production flow: For feeding system- +Sterilize-→Cooling machine→Dryer machine (AIlI is continuous runing and Automatic control) Output:1 -4T /h(According to disinfection time 15- 30 min)

1. The control of the machine by PLC and human-computer interface 2. Production fiow:sending bags automaticallyfilling automatically(also can fill with azotes)stop filling without bags and recyclewashing automaticallyput the cap automaticallyspin the cap automaticallyinspection automaticallyput off the bags automatically. 3. Electric and pneumatic parts are used foreigh famous brand such as Germany, France., Japan. PLC by Siemens. 4. Plastic and stainless steel cover and the sterilization set is increase the food sanitation, the material of the body is acidproof stainless steel so that accords with the sanitary standard.
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